Stand Up, Speak Up


Research shows that the key to eliminating bullying is in empowering people to stand up and speak up for themselves and others when confronted with bullying. Our goal at OCES is to directly teach our students strategies they can use if they are bullied or if they see someone else being bullied.

Each month we will focus on a word of the month related to bullying prevention.  Students present the word of the month on the morning announcements and read a scenario that demonstrates a situation when someone needs to stand up and speak up.
Teachers use literature, role playing, journal writing, and other activities to stimulate discussion in the classroom and to teach students practical, safe ways to deal with bullies. Students practice in the classroom so they will be ready to apply these skills.

The September Word of the Month is Kindness. Kindness means:

  • being concerned about other people
  • thinking about how others feel
  • wanting to make someone’s life better
  • kind = friendly, generous, sympathetic, considerate, warm-hearted

 “Two girls in your class are looking at the girl sitting next to you, whispering and giggling.  You know they are making fun of her.  What would YOU do?”